Friday, August 15, 2014

65mm Gaming

As part of a new project I'm working on, I've decided to start cataloging my collection of Nendoroid Petits and other super deformed (SD) style character figures.

Most of my figures are Nendoroid Petits, so the typical figure is 65mm tall. Other brands of SD figures have different heights and proportions, however I am lumping all of what I consider to be roughly compatible figures under the category of 2.5" (or 65mm) "scale" :P.

I first became interested in these figures as references for sculpting because they had a minimalist level of detail that still managed to portray the character in a convincing manner. Later on, when Super Dungeon Explore was released, I started thinking about using these figures for gaming purposes.

After all, with millions of these figures sold throughout the world, what do people do with them? Can they be content with having the figures just sitting on shelves and taking part in the occasional photo shoot? Why not give them more purpose as gaming miniatures?

Anyway, I'll probably just start with posting comparison pictures of the various figures, and add material on my gaming system when I get them better developed.



  1. Looking forward to seeing more!

    What are the makes of the maid figures you have in your first image?

    Looks like the two outer ones are Nedoroid Petits. (Konata from Lucky Star on the left?)
    The second from the left is a Niitengo?
    The second from the right is Chibi-Kyun Chara? (Hideyoshi?)
    No idea what the two in the middle are...

  2. From left to right:

    Konata Izumi (Nendoroid Petite)
    Mori Sonou (Niitengo) from Haruhi-chan
    Rika Furude (Tomy Yujin) from Higurashi
    Misato Katsuragi (Bandai Petit Eva)
    Yukimura Kusunoki (Chibi Kyun Chara) from Haganai
    Airi (Queen’s Blade Puchitto!)