Thursday, October 2, 2014


Fear Kubrick (フィア・キューブリック) is a character from the series C³ (Cube x Cursed x Curious). She is the personification of a fictional torture instrument of the Inquisition known as "Fear-in-Cube".

I don't think the anime was particularly popular, but it was not horrible. I liked it enough that Fear became the first Niitengo figure that I owned.

Fear is just a tiny bit shorter than Miku, and I kind of wish that she was even shorter, but that's just my scale OCD acting up.

She is a bit atypical for a Niitengo figure in that she is roughly the height of one of the more current figures (Maho), but has proportions of an early Niitengo figure (Mio). The difference in height between Mio and Fear is perfect for representing her loliness, but it is not particularly apparent that she is supposed to be a loli character when posed next to other 65mm figures.

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