Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Trip: Osu-Kannon

I did not originally plan a visit to Nagoya on my itinerary, but since I had a 5-day rail pass I decided to put it to use and complete a pilgrimage to each of the three otaku holy sites.

Nagoya is over two hours away from Osaka by train, so it really cuts into the amount of time you can spend there if you are commuting.

There is a limited express train that cuts down on travel time, but I decided to save my limited express voucher for the return trip so that I wouldn't have to stress about finding the right connection to get back to Osaka after a day of sightseeing.

All the places I wanted to visit in Nagoya were all near subway stops, so I bought a day pass to get around town.

The city is quiet compared to Kyoto and Osaka, and a local resident I spoke to commented that many tourists only visit Nagoya as an afterthought on their way through to places like Takayama or Tsumago (where they can experience "traditional" Japan).

First stop was Nagoya Castle; originally built by the Imagawa clan, taken over by the Oda clan, and finally inherited by the Tokugawa clan.

Hommaru Palace


Spears embedded in the wall above Fumei Gate
to prevent intruders from climbing over.

The next stop was the Osu Shopping District.

Exit 2 takes you out just a short distance behind Osu-Kannon Temple.

The shopping district is just to the east of the temple, and consists of several arcades filled with shops and restaurants.

Because it was mid-week, there was not much going on at the Osu Shopping District. Foot traffic was light, and many of the stores I was interested in were closed. From what I was told, the best time to visit is on the weekend, when the whole area would be bustling with activity.

Fureai Plaza

After walking around a bit, I went to visit Atsuta Shrine to make the most of the daylight.

Nearby was a gate marking the birth place of Minamoto no Yoritomo first Kamakura shogun.

I stopped by Osu Kannon again on the way back from Atsuta Shrine.

My luck with maid photography continues.

Damn cyclist popped out of nowhere!
I didn't realize he obstructed my meido until later.

The final place I visited before returning to Osaka was the Mandarake store in Nagoya. It is near the corner where Akamon dori and Shin Tenchi dori intersect.

The store is like many of the other Mandarake stores. The aisles were narrow, and cluttered with stuff.

I picked up a couple of artbooks and some cheap petits, then made my way back to Nagoya Station to go back to Osaka.

Next time I visit Nagoya, I'm going on a weekend.

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