Thursday, October 26, 2017

Which? Witch?

Witch☆Activity parody by siro

To get into the spirit of Halloween, I've assembled all of the witch-themed petits that I own for some comparison shots along with Deep Sea Girl Miku.

The first picture is of a Niitengo version of Carina Verritti from Shukufuku no Campanella (left), and the Dancing stars on me! version of Toujou Nozomi (right).

Nendoroid Petit version of Metallica the Swamp Witch that came with the Majo to Hyakkihei game.

Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 1 Set (left), and Vol. 3 Set (right).

Next is the Marisa produced by Hakurei Jinja Shamusho (left), and the Nendoroid Petit version from the Touhou Project Set #2 Set (right).

Patchouli Knowledge aka the "Witch of the Spring Haze" from the Nendoroid Petit Touhou Project Set #2 (left), and Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 1 Set (right).

Alice Margatroid aka the "Witch of Death", or "the Seven-Colored Puppeteer" from the Touhou Shushuroku Vol. 2 Set (left), and Nendoroid Petit Touhou Project Set #2 (right).

The Nendoroid Petit version of the Shanhai Doll (far left) with Nendoroid versions of the Shanghai doll (x3), and Toranoana Shanghai Dolls.

I also have a Toranoana Alice Margatroid key chain that is based on artwork by haniwa (葉庭). Yakimoki Alice herself is only 5cm tall and noticeably smaller than the Nendoroid Petit Alice.

The Hourai Doll that comes with Yakimoki Alice is only slightly smaller than the Nendoroid Petit Shanghai Doll. The Hourai Doll's hair ribbon sits flat against the back of her head, so it is not visible like the ribbon on the Shanghai Doll.

I drilled out the solid underside of the Hourai Doll, and inserted some hastily sculpted legs made from plastic sprue.

Maybe if I have the time, I'll hollow out the underside of the doll some more, and sculpt some proper bloomers for her.

Yakimoki Alice is too small to go with my other figures, but I think I'll keep her around to use as a model for a custom faceplate.

Next is the Asahina Mikuru no Bouken version of Witch-Yuki from the Nendoroid Petit Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu #1 Set (left), and Caster from the Nendoroid Petit Fate/Stay Night Extension Set (right).

The last picture is of the fortune-telling version of Witch-Yuki (right), and the warui mahoutsukai (悪い魔法使い) version of Konata from the Lucky Star OVA (left).

The conversion is pretty much a simple head-swap, but I had to cut off Konata's ahoge, and modify the witch hat so it would fit on her head better (which involved reforming the brim with a blow dryer, and some Dremel-work).

Witchcraft Works original ED ~ Witch☆Activity ~

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